Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Finished another year! Kaylie created this Bakersfield sign with the help of mom and grandpa. And look she has contacts!

It was a good idea at the time. We had a double slumber path this year. There were over twenty girls spending the night.

Opening the presents

Savannah's group

Kaylie's group

Savannah's band concert she is playing my clarinet.


Celebrating Grandpa Bulkeley's birthday and Savannah's Birthday. I got him the gardening hat but took it back and got one a little more manly. It was the best hat I could find late Saturday night. Love you both!

Savannah is in Young Women's now. I can not believe that my daughter is growing up so fast I remember so well being in Young Womens myself. I know that she will enjoy it and learn and grow so much.

Playing around at the Kid City with Andy, Tycee and Paige.

Our track stars

Kaylie on the high jump she did so well with it being her first year.

We had Tanya over for the celebration and it was her birthday so I made a cake and we celebrated. Happy Birthday Tanya!

I started school this month to start getting my teaching credentials. I guess I felt bad that the classes were only at night so I got the kids a new trampoline and basketball hoop. I was hoping they could spend more time outside and make it a little easier for Jacob. I am missing the kids but need to get it done. Paige is starting school next year so I will be able to start teaching. That will be such a change for us, I have been home with the kids for over twelve years.

Easter, Cole got to join us this year!

I was out for the weekend with mom, grandma Richards, and Tanya to the Time Out for Women. I was so much fun and I came back ready for anything. Jacob got to take the kids out while I was out, he took them out for sushi.

Savannah and Kaylie did track this year and loved it. Savannah did the best at shot put and Kaylie made it to the final meet for high jump and her 400 meter relay, she ended up getting 5th place in the Kern County. I love watching them find things they are good at and that they enjoy. Good job girls!

I love seeing the girls getting together

We got to have an Easter egg hunt with Andy and Sammy.

A visit to the firehouse with the preschool group


Father Daughter Dance. Paige will be able to go next year when she starts school. The girls came back and showed me some of the dance moves Jacob showed them. They had a great time.

Savannah got to go to Camp KEEP this year. She loved it and it sounds like the camp is still the same as when I got to go.

Jacob and I got to get away for a weekend to the beach. I went golfing with him and some guys from his work. I did pretty good I surprized myself. Jacob is really good and I am glad that I got to see what he always talks about when he has a good golf day. I love it when we get to have time together it does not matter what we are doing it is always great.


Savannah got her first rose this year. It was even made out of duck tape.

After the triathalon we took a trip to Long Beach. It was cold this time but the kids still had fun.

Jacob broke his record in his triathalon this year one hour fourteen minutes and thirty two seconds. He was so fast I missed him at each transition because he had already passed. The kids loved watching him this year he had a big cheering section. Good job Jacob we are proud of you!

Meeting the newest cousin Ashlin Cooper

January 2012

Nate has started wanting to learn basketball and the girls just wanted to get out.

Congradulations on Honor Roll Kaylie!

Girls night out

We went to the beach, the kids brought their suits and we thought they were crazy but I think Jacob and I were the only two people without suits on the beach. The weather was awesome.

Hannah is 10!

Our yearly trip to the snow, we were a little worried on the way if there would be snow but our spot did not fail us. We lasted for hours, the kids even complained about being to warm.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

December 2010

Grandma Bigelow playing house with Paige and her barbies

Chicken foot, our favorite family game. Yes that is mom slapping Jacob on the arm it can get a little crazy.

Our poor kids got really sick this year. We still carried on and had fun but it was not their favorite Christmas.

Grandma Krumm with Hannah and Nate. We had so much family to celebrate Christmas this year. We loved it.

Here are the kids with their favorite gifts from Christmas this year. Nate has his hexbug set, Hannah has her eraser collection, Paige has her webkins pink dog, Kaylie has her art set and Savannah has her watch.

This is the Barbie castle Dad and I made for Paige this year. Thanks dad for all the help. It was also painted by Tanya, Tenille and me. I also need to give grandma credit for distracting Paige so we could work on it. Paige loves it.

Aunt Tenille made these cute hats for the kids this year, she is so talented.

Santa's letter

So theatrical

Jacob is the donkey for Mary who is Paige this year. Joseph is played by Andy.

We got a little into it

Our Nativity play.

The angels in the live nativity.

This doesn't happen often so I had to take a picture. Savannah is reading to all the kids, so cute.

I think I have an unbeliever.

All of the kids got to see Santa this year. Savannah wants a bike, Hannah wants a telescope, Kaylie wants DS games, Nate wants an electric scooter, and Paige wants a Barbie movie, "The Three Musketeers." We will see.

My mom and I made it into the Masterworks Chorale here in Bakersfield. Here are pictures of us performing some of the Messiah and what we at first didn't think we liked but ended up liking the most, the Vivaldi. I had a solo starting O Come Let Us Adore Him. We performed with the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra except for my solo it was acapella. I really enjoyed singing with this big experienced choir and with my mom.

Paige will not go to bed without Daisy now. Daisy stays there until she is asleep and sometimes all night. We tried to keep her off of the furniture but she is such a cuddler.