Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Our pre school group came to our house today and we had a little Halloween party. We had a great time with stories, songs, crafts and snacks. Paige loves being the princess of the group.

Trunk or Treating with cousins
Here we are picking out our pumpkins after the Fall Festival. We got to go to a trunk or treat the next day and carved our pumpkins for family home evening on Monday. It isn't even Halloween yet but we feel all celebrated out. We had to get the pumpkins done early because we are busy with the Savior of the World play all week.
Kaylie was our star of the Rock and Roll play she performed and sang in. She was a crazy 80's girl and she could not believe I used to wear my hair in a side ponytail.
Our two tennis players loved learning a new sport this year. They both decided this is what they wanted to try and they were both good at it and looking forward to getting even better. Good job girls.
Kaylie decided to do volleyball this year and she is doing so well already. She serves over most of the time and loves being with her teamates. GO KAYLIE!

We went to a nearby campground to go fishing and it was a little colder then we thought it would be. We didn't have any matches but that didn't stop us from finding a way to light a fire. We found some coals that were still warm and got a fire going.
I got to escape to visit my sister at their new house. We had a great time fishing, shopping, and we even got to go to a small fair in town. I loved spending time with Tenille and Matt. Thanks for letting me visit.


The favorite part about the fair for all of us is the animals. We haven't missed a year yet.

We took our crew to Hurricane Harbor for the first time this year and we had a good time. Paige didn't like anything except the Lazy River but everyone else had fun and tried most everything.

We got picked up in a lemo and went to the country club for dinner for Jacob's work. He works so hard for us and I hope he knows how much we appreciate all his hard work.
Jacob's fourth Triathalon and he broke his own record. He made it in after swimming, biking and running under 90 minutes. It was so hot though that he had a heat stroke and we had to spend the day at the hospital afterwards but he said it was worth it because he did better then his goal.
Grandma Krumm took out the kids and they were so surprized and excited after school. We went to the movie Up and then went to McDonalds they will always remember thier time with Grandma this year.
Happy Birthday Jacob and Steve. We got to celebrate at Tahoe Joes together this year and ended it up with an ice cream cake at home. The boys got to go golfing all day too.
Paige has been talking about how she wants to go to ballet and dance like Barbie. Those are her favorite movies to watch. So I decided to give it a try. She was so worried about her hair, her clothes, and her shoes that she wouldn't stand infront of the mirror and would not dance. She did the same thing the second time so I guess we will be waiting another year.


Belnap campground campfire stories.

Here we are infront of the Lake house we stayed at with Grandma and Grandpa Bulkeley, Great Grandma and Grandpa Richards, Thad, Brittany, Andy and Sam. We went to the lake every day with three sidues to play on. We had a great time together. We even camped the week before the lake in tents. We all love camping together and we are so greatful we got to spend time with all our family. We were loaded down in the car so tight packing for two trips but we got through it but it wasn't the most comfortable and quiet trip.
First day of school. Savannah 5th grade and Kaylie 3rd grade. Hannah 3rd and Nate 2nd.

The kids ask to go to grandma's house to swim every day. They would swim all day if we could. They get along so well and they love playing together. I love that they enjoy spending time together. Thanks mom for letting us visit so much we love you.
Jacob and I got to escape for the weekend for work. We went to Catalina and had a great time together. Our room reminded me of Paris but overlooking the ocean and the atmosphere makes you feel like you are at a small Hawaii. We love spending time together and enjoying beautiful places.
Paige started pre school. She is the only girl with five boys and she loves it. She doesn't have to share any of the dress up clothes and toys.
This is how Paige falls asleep most nights. When I go to bed I move her. She now has to have both blankets at night.

Paige is 3!

Here is Paige and some of her friends on her birthday for her tea party. This is what Paige loves to do. She got this dress for her birthday and still wears it every day three months later. She celebrated with Andy, Abby and Tycee.