Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hannah is 9!

We had three eight year olds for a couple months but Hannah is now 9! She got to celebrate with her family and friends and she got all of her crafty things she has been wanting. Unfortunately all the toys we got her she needs an adult to do with her so we have been busy. She got to have a couple of her friends spend the night too, I think they got about 6 hours of sleep and they were not tired at all the next day. I am glad she had fun they are growing up so fast.

The Family Piano

This piano was bought by my great grandparents on my mother's side of the family. Since she was the first grandchild on the Bigelow's side she got to take the piano. We all learned how to play the piano on it and now since Savannah was the first grandchild we have it in our home. The kids all love to play and we are getting used to it. They all just started getting piano lessons last week and they are excited.

Our pond

Our pond is finally done! It took three weekends. Dad, Thad, Jacob and I all worked on it and I am so greatful that my brother knows about all the electrical wiring and my dad is the pond expert. We love sitting outside and listening to the water falling it is very relaxing, we were in need of a peaceful place in our home.

Dance Class

Paige just started dancing with the same company I danced with in my younger years. She is even in the same class as her cousin and she just loves it. She is quite the natural for a three year old and her poses are so cute too. Kaylie, Hannah and Savannah started gymnastics also. This has been their dream for many years and I just decided I would just make it happen. I hope my tutoring students keeps coming. I love watching all of them be so happy and excited doing what they love.

Mind Flex

Well Santa came through in Georgia. The girls got their mind flex. All the kids and Jacob gave it a try. I was fun but we have a lot of practicing to do. I never knew we had the power to move things with our minds.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nathaniel's Baptism

Nathaniel was baptized today Jan 2, 2010 by his father to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are so proud of his decision to take his first steps of Exaltation and he is so excited. After his baptism he told me that he feels different and he said it with a huge grin on his face. He was confirmed by his father, uncles, and grandfather.


We found snow as we always do on the 1st. Although it is usually up to our knees at our spot this time of year it was just enough to go sledding. We also got to go on a hike because the snow was light this year and we found an abandoned cabin. We stayed warm and had a great time together.

Happy New Year!


Paige must have been a good girl this year because she got her dresses she asked for.

Santa dropped off a letter and gifts for the three grandchildren on Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Bulkeley's house.

Our Early Christmas

This year is our year with one child so instead of waiting until January to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the kids we decided to celebrate the Thursday before Christmas a week early. The kids thought the idea was great and we had a great time celebrating our Savior's birth a little early this year. This is them lining up in the hall as tradition youngest to oldest, and all the kids with their blankets I made them this year they loved them and took them to our other tradition of looking at the Christmas lights. We also had our own Christmas Eve the same night with a program put on by the kids.

Christmas Concert

I found my old clarinet and fixed it up for Savannah to play at her school. She is already doing very well and loves to learn more and more notes and songs. She did well at her concert only squeeked once. Then she performed in her choir and I know she will continue to sing also she has a very pretty voice. Good job Savannah!

Morro Bay and Avila Beach

The kids loved playing in the hot tub in the hotel room.

Avila Beach

Morro Bay was a little windy and cold but it didn't stop Savannah, Hannah and Kaylie from getting in the water.

Santa Claus and Mrs Claus came over to our house this year to ask the kids what they wanted for Christmas. Savannah wants a Mind Flex, Hannah wants a hula hoop, Kaylie wants a DS, Nate wants a basketball hoop, and Paige wants dresses and shoes for Christmas. They have been pretty good this year but we will see.

Happy Thanksgiving

We had our second Thanksgiving on Sunday for Nate's 8th birthday. He wanted
a pumpkin pie instead of a cake this year.

And we had our Thanksgiving Feast at Grandma and Grandpa Bulkeley's House complete with olives for the little fingers.

Kaylie Volleyball

Kaylie enjoyed playing volleyball this year. Her favorite thing was being with her friends and she was best at serving the ball. I love watching the girls enjoy learning sports I also enjoy.

Primary Car Drive In and Toy Drive

Here are all our cute primary kids in Olive Knolls Ward. We love our tradition of making cars and donating toys. This year we also made blankets and cards for the Ronald McDonald house.
Our last activity for the year. I can't believe that this next year all our kids will be in the Primary and one will be leaving primary soon. Time goes by fast.

Savior of the World

Jacob, Kathy, Sam, Savannah, Nate and I got to be a part of the Savior of the World put on by our Stake. We had a wonderful experience. Jacob played the part of Joseph, I played the part of Salome, Kathy was Tirzah, Savannah was a girl, Sam was James, and Nathaniel was a temple boy. After practicing for only two months we performed for the Stake Thursday November 6th, Friday and two shows on Saturday. We made new friends, saw old friends and felt like we were part of a big family through it all. We are so glad we were able to perform together and share our testimonies of the Savior.