Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Garden

We finally did it! We planted a garden on the side of the house. The kids helped prepare the ground, pick out the plants at the nursery (72 plants) and also planted most of them. They did very good and they are so excited about all the food they will be growing in their back yard. They kept saying it will probably work this time. We tried seeds last time and forgot to water them but we are going to do better with a drip system daddy is going to set up from the sprinkler system. Wish us luck!

Nate is Student of the Month!

We got to celebrate at Chuckie Cheese again for Student of the Month. Jacob did it alone this time because I had a party to go to. He stayed there for over three hours and they had a great time.


Savannah started softball this year. She is having a great time and doing pretty good considering she has never played before. Jacob has made it to the practices and games and is helping her with her skills. I love seeing them have fun learning together.

Omar Krumm

Grandpa Krumm died a couple of weeks ago and we all miss him. He was a man that was so possitive and he loved life. He loved his wife Lois, he loved to dance, sing and gamble. He will be missed by all who knew him. We just had family leave Bakersfield. All of Jacob's family came into town and we got to spend time together. Here is a picture of all the great grandchildren playing red light green light at a dinner we had before the funeral. This picture is missing a couple but most of them were playing. They had a great time together. We really enjoyed seeing all of the family together.