Monday, August 27, 2007

Our family reunion in Mount Shasta was awesome! All the Krumms got together to go camping at Lake Siskiou. We had a great time cooking meals, taking walks, fishing, swimming in the lake, riding in the boats, doing crafts, riding on a train, and lots of smores. We all got really dirty and very exhausted while we created awesome memories. Jacob fell off his bike when he saw a deer one morning and that was the biggest injury so not so bad. Other than the bees, the deer that loved to eat our food at night, and the constant dust storm the campground was beautiful and big enough for our group. We didn't loose the tent trailer like we thought we would a couple of times because of the wind but our bikes fell and were hanging by a string 20 minutes away from home. Jacob caught it just in time and we got them home. We survived the drive but we couldn't have done it without our earplugs. Everyone had a great time and we got to see relatives we had not seen in a while.
Paige was the dirtiest at the campground. We would clean her off and then she would run and fall in two seconds. She also loved eating rocks and dirt. She did pretty good on the trail to our tent trailer. She even made it on her own following us on the trail. Thanks to everyone in our group we ate awesome meals and had a great time.

Hannah and Nate are having a great time in school. Nate is in Kindergarten and Hannah is in first grade. They are so excited about learning. They are practicing their reading and doing very well. Jacob was there for their exciting first day of school.

Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

Savannah and Kaylie on their first day of school. Savannah started 3rd grade today and her teacher is Mrs. Rodreguez and Kaylie started 1st grade, her teacher's name is Mrs. Lewis. They are excited and a little nervous about making new friends. Both girls knew people in their class from last year and they are anxious to make even more new friends.