Sunday, July 18, 2010


Paige got to perform at the Senior center with her cousin Abby. They were caterpillars and they sang "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" I was not s

We had family over the night of Kaylie's birthday they grow up so fast.

On the last day of school I took to kids to a painting studio to celebrate how well they all did this year and also to celebrate Kaylie's birthday. We were there for a couple of hours and they loved it.

Savannah is already missing her teacher Mr. Pennel. She did so well in his class and enjoyed going to school each day. I can't believe she will be going to Middle School next year and to the same school I went to, she is looking forward to it and I am not so sure.

Another year is over and Kaylie did so well this year. The poor thing had been needing glasses but just told me this year and now she won't take them off because the world to her is so much clearer. She still pulled off her A's though and enjoyed her year with Mrs. Endsor.

Savannah told me I should come to her awards ceremony at school and I am so glad I did because she got principals list again, and because she got it last year too they gave her a medal with her name on the back, she got a bar for her letter from last year, and she got a trophy for Social Studies. Savannah loves doing well in school and I never have to worry about her getting her work done and ontime. Good job Savannah!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We got to have a picnic and enjoy the sun with Grandma and Grandpa Krumm

Open House night is always crazy for our family. It happened that both schools our kids go to had their night at the same time again. We lost eachother for a while and missed a couple of things but we got to everyone's classroom and got to see how well they are all doing.

Savannah, Kaylie, Hannah, and Nate all took piano this year and they are all doing good and enjoying it. I love to see them so excited when they can play a song and you know they know it well because to them playing it very fast and loud is the goal.

This mother's day we got to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa Bulkeley and Krumm. We also got to see Grandma Richards. They all surprized me with breakfast in bead and all their gifts they made at school and Activity Days. I felt very loved.

Kaylie turned nine and had her party early because she leaves for Georgia in June. We had a little cake because the dessert was a chocolate fountain and it was a little crazy with lots of girls and one fountain. We also had drawing lessons. Kaylie planned the whole thing.

Kaylie's class had a Mother's Day presentation. They made us a book that I love, they had a song and a poem I love these moments.

I got to go the Wind Wolves Preserve with Hannah and her class on a field trip. We didn't see any wolves but they had lots of things to show us and we learned a lot. It was so pretty and I didn't even know it existed.

Paige had her first swim lessons this year. She screamed the first two days but as soon as princess prizes were on the line she ended up realizing it wasn't so bad. She can swim to the steps and do her monkey crawl now. This is the last picture with the red shoes we finally were ok with replacing them.

Memorial Day tradition. Visiting Grandpa Bulkeley and Grandma Richards grave. We got to also play on the fun island at Grandma and Grandpa Richards house. I love this tradition and all the cousins that come into town for it.

The girls and I made our first quilts together and I have to say they were naturals.

Our new favorite game is one I made based on the game Settlers. It is called Saints and we collect testimonies, scriptures, prayer, priesthood, and the Iron Rod to build our churches, roads and temples. We got to go camping at Wishon and we took the Petersons with us this year. We had fun but it was still a little cold and Kaylie fell on our hike.

The last day of Paige's preschool group. All seven of us switched off weeks and had fun teaching these cute kids. Paige was the only girl until the last couple of months and she loved it.

Savannah started playing the clarinet that I played in Middle School. She is already doing a very good job and only squeeks sometimes. I love that she is enjoying it.

The girls performed their gymnastics moves they learned this year and earned their ribbons. Good job girls!


This is probably the last year I will get to have the girls match dresses. They are growing up so fast and we love sharing the holiday together with everyone in the family.

I decided to get the kids an above ground pool this year so trips to grandma's house didn't have to be an every day thing. They are loving it and so am I.
This is the trap the kids made for the Leprichans this year. They had their favorite food, and some shoes that needed repairs. They watched the trap for hours but they must have missed when the shoes were fixed and moved.
Savannah had her first surprize party for her eleventh birthday. Her friends even got the rats into it. We made our own carnival and won prizes they all had a good time. Oh, and here is my attempt at the cake Savannah wanted.