Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Savannah's Christmas Performance

Our little singing star performs again.


After Kaylie's performance we went to Dewars for a treat on Grandma. Kaylie was in the first grade choir in the Chrismas program. She sang loud and had lots of fun. Savannah also performed with her Tavaci group infront of Macy's in the mall, at the Nativity in the Friutvale building and also at Centennial for their big final performance. She did very well and at one point she was close to a microphone and did a non planned solo and she did very good. She loves being on stage.

Nate is 6!

Nate turned 6 (making our family have 3 6 year olds for a while) on November 28th. He had over some friends and cousins to play kickball and have some cupcakes. He got a helicopter from us and Jacob took it out with all the kids and crashed it in one minute. We took it back and got another one and that one lasted about 20 minutes before it crashed. I guess we are not ready for a flying toy.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another Busy Day

I am about a month behind and I am going to just have to write about what is going on with us because for some reason I no longer have the option showing up to add a picture. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. Today we started off skipping the second parade for Kaylie this week so we could all make it to Savannah's performance with Tavaci at the mall. We got to relax for a couple of hours today at home before we got to go the the CSUB basketball game to watch Kaylie, Hannah and Savannah cheer with the CSUB cheerleaders through their girl scout program. They had an awesome time and they were just so excited. Savannah hoped that their cheer helped them have the courage they needed to win the game. She is also excited about the big cameras and hopes she made it on the news.
This week we had to get the Expedition fixed, that was not at the best time of year but it is fixed now and it doesn't smell like fish when we turn on the heater. I have been getting ready to be sister friendly tomorrow and also I am room mom for Savannah's class and even though she will already be in Georgia for their winter party I am still incharge. The girls were so upset they were missing their class parties that I gave in and told them we could invite them to our house for a party before they leave. Then there is chasing Paige around making sure she isn't getting into something she shouldn't and figuring out what is making her upset again. Life is a little crazy right now and the days are going by so fast. I find that some days I will finally sit down at 10pm and realize that this was the first time I had sat down that day. I will try to post more tomorrow and maybe the picture option will be fixed.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Veterans Day Parade

Kaylie was in her first parade on Veterans Day. She practiced her cheer to perfection and she loved being able to be as loud as she could. She is learning how to do stunts, back flips and cartwheels. She is loving cheerleading. Savannah had her last volleyball game that same day it was pretty busy.