Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Cliffs

Frito Lay spoiled Jacob and I with an awesome weekend. Here is Jacob golfing and I was also golfing with him for my second time ever golfing. I had some lucky shots that were pretty good. We had a great time together golfing with the ocean view at some of the holes. We also got to stay at an awesome hotel called the Cliffs. We got to go to a dinner and dance also it was a nice break.

Pig Tails

Paige is already sporting pig tails. She is not minding it either she has never tried to get them out. This has never happened to me with my girls. I chose this picture because it also shows her favorite chew toy lately. Whenever I put her shoes on she takes them off and chews on them. I have to be really careful because she likes all shoes. She wants to chew on all of them even if you are wearing them.

Crack the Egg

Jacob taught the kids a game we used to play as kids and they loved it. They expecially loved it when he decided to play. He even tried to have a turn but the kids could not get him to move.

A visit from the Bulkeleys

Brittany and Andi came to play and we had a great time with them. We enjoyed watching Andi and Paige attempt to share. They were doing pretty good. We are looking forward to having them move to Bakersfield soon so we can get more practice.

Another favorite food

This pear was once a snack for mommy. Paige was not letting me eat it without her so she won. She started gumming away at this pear for a very long time and she thought it was the best thing ever. So much for a snack.

We have trees!

It took us about a year but we finally got trees in our back yard. Jacob has worked so hard doing the sprinkler system, laying the grass and now we are getting closer to being done. Jacob got his three pine trees and I got my shade tree I wanted. We also got some palms and a bradford pear. It is starting to look really nice and all the hard work is finally paying off. We hope to finish it soon but time is our problem the weekends are gone so fast. It will get done though. The kids are also enjoying helping when they want to for about ten minutes.


The kids are on the trampoline every day. Paige even joined them today along with their cousins. They are of course in their dress up clothes and having a great time. Our cousins are closer to us now. They just moved walking distance from us and we love seeing them more.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies

Jacob and I both bought Girl Scout Cookies this year. Paige helped us with them. She loves chocolate. This will be the last year we will not be selling Girl Scout Cookies. We have three new Girl Scouts now. Savannah is a Brownie and has earned two badges. Hannah and Kaylie are Daisies and they have earned two pedal badges. They are loving it and having lots of fun.

Silly Hat Day

It was silly hat day at Norris Elementary. The girls helped design their hats and were dissapointed when they did not win but enjoyed being silly for the day.