Sunday, January 1, 2012


The Gate family came to visit for Christmas. We took a trip to the museum. Little Easton loved playing on anything that had a steering wheel. I love spending time with family.
Grandpa read the santa letter at our Christmas party
Here are the kids with their favorite things from Christmas.
Savannah did an awesome job at her concert. Her small group choir of girls sounded like angels. Savannah also had a duet during her concert and did very well.
Kaylie performed in her choir and in the band playing the clarinet. She assured me that she was not the one squeaking, she is doing well with learning how to play the clarinet this year.
The gardner didn't return our call so Jacob attacked the trees outside. Here he is in the tree. It took three weeks to get all of the branches to fit in the garbage. He did a good job.
Hannah's choir concert
Our visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus
Hannah played beautifully in her band concert. Jacob and I got to spend the week before Christmas together while the kids were still in school. We got to visit and help at the kids classes, attend concerts and spend time together alone. We had a great time together and also got to enjoy time with the kids after school.


Paige got student of the month in her Kindergarten class. She is one of the few readers in her class and she loves to go to school.
Paige helped daddy put up the lights this year
Hannah received the student of the month in her 5th grade class.
Nate is 10, can you believe we have three ten year olds now! He got his mp3 player that takes pictures that he wanted.
Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The food was awesome as usual and so was the company.
The kids table at Thanksgiving dinner.
Paige at her Thanksgiving feast
Nate earned his Wolf badge and a couple of arrows because I had him do too many requirements. It is good for him. Good job Nate!
We took a trip to the museum on Veterans Day. The kids had a great time and they loved sitting in a police helicopter together they got to see it land and they let kids take turns sitting inside. There was also a canon that went off, tanks parked to look at and utility vehicles.

Daddy teaching Paige how to tie a tie at grandpa's day (grandpa was busy so daddy came)


Lookin good! I love how the kids still play so well together.
Paige got to go to school wearing her costume this year and she was so excited. She was a witch at school, Rapunzel at the Trunk or Treat and Little Mermaid for trick or treating. A big perk for being the baby is being able to pick from all of the costumes throughout the years.
Trick or Treating
Trunk or Treat
All of the kids did their own carving this year except for Paige of course.