Sunday, June 28, 2009


With Savannah's troop's cookie money this year they got to make a cd together. They sang at a real recording studio and made a cd of High School Musical songs. They felt like rockstars and I loved watching her do something I have always wanted to do. I can tell that Savannah is always going to love to sing she already has what it takes.

This is our favorite family outing together. The girls and I did it first on our own one day when Nate and Jacob were busy. We ride our bikes to the "Rocket Park" where there is little water park, rock climbing and the swing monkey bar. We let them play and on our way back home we stop at Jack in the Box that just opened down our street and have dinner.

This is quite the adventure getting all the stuff , kids and even dog to the park.

I took Hannah, Nate and Paige to Kaylie and Savannah's class parties on their last day of school. They were completely full of treats and the girls loved sharing their brother and sisters with everyone. I can't believe summer is already here!

The girls got to deliver their blankets they made for the new NICU center at San Jauquin Hospital. They even held up one of the babies for them to see. Three news stations came to document it and Kaylie got interviewed. Girl Scouts has given the girls so many good experiences and they had fun but we are done with it now that all three girls are now in Activity Days. I am not going to miss being a leader but miss the time we shared together though. I am sure we can still earn things on our own.

I took sicky Paige to Savannah's last awards assembly. I was lucky Paige did not throw up all over like she had been. Savannah earned 150 point club in AR points, Honor roll, and a letter for her sports and trying out for Treasurer.

We got to take care of a kitten about 10 days old for two weeks. The mother died and we fed it with a little bottle. It was either being fed or held the whole time unless they let it get some sleep. They all love the kitty and now they can visit it at grandmas house.

For Memorial Day we all went to Great Grandpa Richards house and we filled up the pool just like we used to. We even got out the fun island and that was a little crazy but lots of fun. Great Grandpa was still in the pool with the kids in his 90's giving them rides in their tubes just like he used to do for all of us. We love him so much and have so many good memories with him and much more to come.

This is Kaylie's performance and the first time I was able to get a picture of my child on the stage! She is the one with her arms up she is a little ahead of everyone else but it was so cute to see and she loved being on stage.

Back in Grandma Bulkeley's pool again. The pool is finally warm enough for the kids but not quite for me or Paige. They swim as long as we let them and constantly ask to go back. I am so glad we get to visit mom and the kids get to play.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The rest of May

When the kids get hot they play squirt gun war in the backyard. It seems to be more fun if they don't even take time to change. They have a great time and cool off quick.

We celebrated Dewars 100th year. We ate ice cream of course, rock climbed, pony rides, petting zoo, games and got balloons made by a clown.

One of our last adventures with Girl Scouts was at the Kern County Museum. Here is Kaylie making bricks out of mud and sticks to make a house.

Another year completed. We got to visit Savannah's room. We just figured out that her teacher was friends with my sister growing up. What a small town. Savannah did well this year. The only B she got was in her advanced math class and that was probably because her mom was to busy teaching everyone else how to do their math while she was tutoring. Savannah even earned her first letter in Elementary. We are going to hold off on the lettermans jacket though.

Kaylie did so well this year. Her teacher was so creative and made learning fun. Kaylie got all A's all year and is doing better at concentrating in class. She is such a good friend to everyone. The hardest thing she had to deal with this year was friends who didn't want to play with her other friends and she didn't want to choose. It starts early with girls.

This one is one of a kind. We were going to the park and not only did we have to wear a skirt we had to wear our cowgirl boots. Then I asked her to look at me and this is the pose she shot at me. This one is going to be a handfull.

Here is the Golden Gate Bridge, or that is what we are calling it. I am just so excited she picked this instead of a mission. I got out of that crazy project they expect fourth graders

The end of Savannah's softball season. She had a great time playing. She improved so much and really enjoyed all her new friends. I just love her attitude about sports you win some you loose some. Her attitude when her dad was trying to teach her wasn't the best part of it but I still think they got closer when they practiced. Jacob was always there to cheer her on and we both loved that. I hope she continues to try sports and figure out what she likes best.

Jacob and I were able to escape the day after Mothers Day and the day after I got my new dream camera. I love taking pictures and I love spending time with my husband. I acted like I was taking trips all over the world and taking pictures like they were the real thing it was so fun. Jacob got into it too he took the picture of the statue of Liberty and he did a good job. I am taking classes with my dad to learn about my camera and I love learning how to take better pictures and I love spending time with my dad. This would be the first thing my dad and I have done together and I am loving it.


Here is the update on our family. We have been so crazy busy. This month Savannah turned 10! Wow double digits! We made our own chocolates and our own funniest home videos at her party with her friends this year.

Here is an updated picture of the kids taken by Grandpa Bulkeley and in his pond. They are growing up so fast.

Grandma Krumm joined Grandpa Krumm in Heaven. They brought so much joy to all that knew them they are truely being missed.

We went to a party and stayed for hours playing. Jacob and Savannah loved to play this dancing game, Kaylie was on a mission for tickets and Paige just wanted to play with the couple of things she could figure out. Even our biggest kid got to enjoy the dinasour ride.