Wednesday, February 14, 2007


We got to go play miniature golf on Saturday. We had a great time. Everyone got a couple good holes. No holes in one but what seemed to be most important was who was first in line for the next hole. The scores came out Jacob first, I was second by 2 and then Savannah, Hannah, and Kaylie and Nate tied for fifth. The best part was chearing for eachother and getting better and better.

First Tooth

Paige got her first tooth last week. She has a tooth on the bottom now. She is also quite the blabber mouth lately. She has something to say but all we can make out of it so far is "mama."

Play Time

The girls are so good with their sister. I have to wait until they get home some days when Paige needs me too much to get anything done in the house. They are very entertaining to her and they can make her giggle all day.

Almost Spring

The weather is already getting nice in Bakersfield. Here is Paige for the first time sitting on the grass in our front yard. The kids love spending time outside. They are busy with all the kids in the neighborhood riding bikes and skooters whenever they can. They all still have training wheels but Savannah is getting closer to taking them off.


Here is Savannah doing what she loves best. Eating apples and jumping on the trampoline are some of her favorites. She is also our big reader. Right now she is reading Priscilla by Coleen Copeland (200 pages!). She is doing well in second grade and she has so many friends. She is such a big help with her sister Paige. She loves playing with her and giving her loves.


Basketball 101 - This is the first day of learning how to make baskets. Jacob was the coach and the kids were doing pretty good. Kaylie and Savannah were making some baskets. It looks like we still have some work to do. When Nate came up to a turn he was trying so hard that he would bend so far he would touch the ground. We introduced them all to Kick ball last month and they loved that. When we got to the park they thought they were being punished having to play but they all wanted to play longer when it was time to go. They love to go play now.

Tae Bo

Jacob puts in his Tae-Bo workout and the kids always come running. They love that the couches are all moved out of the way and the floor is ready for excercising. They are pretty good too they are getting some of the punches down. They are constantly full of energy.


Jacob is doing what he does best. He loves to get Paige to sleep by rubbing her face. She loves it and so does daddy.

Pump It Up

We had a great time at Pump It Up! Savannah and Kaylie played king or queen of the mountain. They were all geared up. It only took a second for both of them to roll down the mountain with the first hit. They went from jump house to the next jump house for a couple of hours. Kaylie and I raced through one of them and she won. She is pretty fast. Paige also got to enjoy the big slide with her daddy.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Build A Bear

Another tradition was kept. With Grandma and Grandpa Krumm's birthday money the kids always chose to go to Build A Bear. Every time we go we say the tradition is over but we keep going. We have quite the collection. This year Hannah and Nate went at the same time for their birthdays. Nate wanted a dog and Hannah got a Tinkerbell bear. They had a great time picking out a noise, kissing the heart, watching it get stuffed, washing the bear and dressing it. They even get a birth certificate and name the bear. The craziness is enough to stop doing this but the kids love it and we love making them happy.

Hannah is 6!

Hannah turned six in January. I threw a tea party for her and everyone had a great time. I told her friends to come over with their princess dresses on and they all came looking beautiful. They got to poor their own lemonade and ate chicken and treats and of course cake. We played Candyland DVD and Hannah won. She got lots of presents and her favorites were her scooter and her Bratz doll. I will never forget Hannah's comment when in the middle of the party she said to me, "I love my party, thanks mom." It was all worth it. I did it all in one day when I found out that she was not having a party.


Paige's smile is contageous. She smiles on comand whenever you smile and say hi to her. Everything goes in her mouth right now. You can no longer use the remote without Paige insisting that it is hers and that it belongs in her mouth. We let her have it sometimes and all of a sudden we are watching something else. I got her her own without batteries and that seems to work. Jacob called and wanted to talk to Paige while he was out of town but again she was mad that she couldn't eat it. What I can't get over is how active she is. If I am holding her she is rocking her body back and forth. If she is playing and excited both her hands and her feet and moving like crazy. And when she smiles she is so excited. I love the energy. I think she gets it from her dad.


Kaylie got to spend the night with her cousin Abbi. It was a last minute decision so she had to borrow clothes to sleep in. Isabelle and Madison let her keep the clothes and now she won't sleep in anything else. I have been reading with her at night and she is quite the little reader already. She is reading Phonics books I got her and she loves the test with the words at the end. She doesn't have to memorize books anymore to read them and she loves it. She is also our little hair dresser. She does her own pig tails. I am working with her to learn to brush her hair first but she still does a good job.

Tara is 30!

I turned 30 this year. Mom took me to do my nails and walk around the mall. We picked out some cool sunglasses and some jewelry and headed back home. When I got home the house was filled with all my friends and family that could come. We had a great time eating and talking. I got the camera I have been wanting and lots of gift cards so I can shop. We also broke out the karaoke and almost everyone broke out into song. When the girls got back home Savannah sang "Over the Rainbow." She did so good and stayed on tune. She is still singing away whenever she gets a chance. I know she feels like a rock star.



We were able to continue the Bulkeley tradition this year. We went to the snow after three hours of searching in Tehachapi. The kids all thought that the outfits we put them in were silly but they were greatful for them as they made their snow angels. We all took turns on the sled. The hill was very small but we didn't need much for all the fun we had. When we were done Savannah asked, "Mom, why were we not cold when we were in the snow?" I explained the silly suits I put them in and they said thanks mom. It's the little things that make life fun.