Thursday, September 23, 2010


Our trip to the Los Angeles Temple.

Savannah, Isabelle, Hannah, Kaylie, Abby, Nate, Madison, Rachel, Larsen, Paige, Kaitlyn, Garrett, and Ben.
Joseph and Liz Krumm for the first time outside of the Los Angeles Temple Aug 6th, 2010
Dancing at the reception with Grandma Krumm
Before returning home we all enjoyed the beach.

Nate just started tackle football and I do not know who is more excited, Jacob or Nate. Nate is loving it though and he has surprised us with doing hard tackles and running to just the right place. We are looking forward to see him through the season get better and better. Jacob is coaching him at home as well and Nate loves it.


We had a full day on the 4th. We started with the scouts breakfast where Hannah and Nate performed with their primary class, and we watched the show at Bret and Jeanee's coldesac this year. The kids loved the sparklers and we missed Savannah and Kaylie, I just realized I have never seen them with a sparkler, I am sure they had fun too.

Andi, Tycee, Molly, Paige, and Emily all holding up their bears they made, celebrating Paige's birthday.

Paige is 4! Wow, one more year and she will be in Kindergarten! She had a build a bear party at our house this year I couldn't find the bear skins so I made them myself, but it was worth it they had a good time. Paige knows her ABC's and she is starting to learn the sounds, she calls it the card game whenever we get in the car. She is still a very picky eater though and does not like to clean up her messes but she is working on it.

Here is Paige sitting next to Chester Cheetah, we were in a Philipino parade for Jacob's work. I am sitting behind Cheetah, Paige sat with me while we were moving it was fun but really hot! I am just glad that I didn't have to wear the Cheetah costume. Jacob was giving out chips with other employees and he was having such a good time surprizing everyone with his Tagolag.

June cont.

My brave girls are leaving for the summer again. We will miss you!

Pimples already! I don't remember this happening so soon but the girls took care of it. Hannah was giving them step by step instructions.
Breakfast in bed.
We all got together for Father's Day, I love living close to most of the family and being able to get together and celebrate. Jacob, Thad, Sam and Brent, aren't they cute!

Sometimes you just have to not worry about the mess and enjoy the mess. I was shredding bills and stuff that we didn't need and had the idea of letting Paige play in it and she had a blast! I have to admit I had some fun too.

Paige loved performing in her first dance recital. She sang and danced to "A your Adorable." We have since seen her perform over and over whenever there is any family around she will perform with or without her cousin Andy who was in the same class. What Paige does best in this dance is the hip, hip, hip part, she really gets into it.