Sunday, August 31, 2008

Andy came over to play and we had a Care Bear Tea Party these two love being together and they play so well together.

Fish Story: On the first day of school while we were getting ready Paige decided to feed the fish half of the can of food. I was upset because we would have to clean out the tank but I didn't worry about it because I was going to clean it out with Jacob that night. When the girls got home from school the fish started acting really strange they were floating around and flipping on the the top. One even jumped out of the tank but it was dead when we found it. Savannah was the brave one that got it with tongs. We watched about eight fish die in 15 minutes! We got the survivors out and got them in a seperate fish bowl. When Jacob got home he cleaned out the tank. While transfering one was already dead and another one flipped out into the garbage disposal. Jacob tried to get it but he couldn't and I was to scared to reach in so we had to put it out of it's missery with the garbage disposal. We have six survivors and they are still doing well today a couple of weeks later.

Thad's Birthday: We just got back from celebrating Thad's birthday at his house. The kids had a great time on his new swing set he made. Thad got some gift certificates and shirts. We had a great time catching up, will all be getting together tommorrow for Labor Day at G&G Richards and the kids are very excited.

My Talk: I spoke in sacrament meeting today on courage to choose the right. I was not too nervous before I got up I had practiced and all seemed fine but I lost it a little the spirit was so strong. I still got my message out and people seemed to enjoy it by the comments I got but I think it was best for me, I loved how much I grew from the experience.

Next week: Well Wednesday is my first day working at Liberty High School. A couple of weeks ago they called me and offered me a job three times a week for three hours from 10-1 tutoring math. I am excited but a little nervous I haven't been working out of the home since I had Savannah. I am also starting as the co-leader for Troop 112 on Wednesday so this is a big week.

Buck: Buck was missing when we got back from Thad's Jacob has been looking for him for a couple of hours and no luck. We usually get a call but he didn't have his collar on hopefully he comes back.

Well that is about it for this week.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Day of Gymnastics!

First week back

Well getting back to school was fun but also full of getting back into the routine. The kids are in bed the lunches are half done for tomorrow. With four children to get to school tomorrow it is a little crazy sometimes but the kids help a lot. I am mainly the time monitor and trying to keep them staying on track to get to the bus ontime.

The first day of school Paige fed the fish way to much food and by the time the kids got back they started dying off one by one. It was quite a dramatic time as we watched each fish start looking like they were done for. One jumped out of the gap by the filter and one jumped into the garbage disposal when we were trying to save some of them. We went from about sixteen fish to six fish that day. We are basically back to where we started from.

We also started gymnastics with the girls this week and I am a trained girl scout leader for troop 112. Oh, and I am going to start tutoring at Liberty High while the girls are in school next week for a couple of hours. I hope we can all handle all of these things this year. We will have lots of fun.

Grandma and Grandpa Krumm are in town this week and we are having lots of fun. We went on a bike ride to the rocket park with the water features yesterday and we had lots of fun. We all got together tonight and ate a whole batch of cookies! More fun to come tomorrow too. Well that is about all that is going on here. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Kaylie, busy listening to her new teacher Mrs. Baxter in Second grade. Her neighbor and church friend is in her class this year. She got a seat in the front and she is off to a good start.

Savannah started the school year off with a bad cold but she was determined to still make it to school. She started Fourth grade this year with Mrs. Grimes who remembers her as a Kindergardner. She is a former Kindergarten teacher. Savannah is excited she has some of her really good friends with her in her class this year.