Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

This year we had Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Bulkeley's house. After the ham feast and the Nativity play put on by the kids, Uncle Thad and Jacob, Santa Clause dropped off a very long letter and presents for everyone in a big red bag at the door while we were singing. They all got matching monkey pj's. Nate got gorrilla pj's and they all got a Curious George stuffed animal from Santa.


We went up to Sierra Summit this year to play in the snow. The whole drive up was rainy and foggy but as soon as we got there it was sunny for two and a half hours. When we left it started snowing. We had a great time at the campground we found. We had a hill for sledding, a bathroom to ourselves, a picnic table, a rope swing and a bridge. We had a great time and thanks to our snow suits we lasted a long time. We also made a snowman and the kids made snow angels. We hope to always carry on the tradition of finding snow at Christmas time.

Grandma and Grandpa Krumm

Grandma and Grandpa Krumm are having a hard time adjusting to having to be apart and live in seperate living homes to be cared for. Please keep them in your prayers for them to have comfort and all that they need to be happy. We love you Grandma and Grandpa Krumm! We have been visiting them and we every caroled to them this past week. They loved seeing all the kids.

Christmas Parties

Jacob has three parties to attend each year. We got to go to Ventura one weekend, Avila Beach one weekend and also a party in Bakersfield all in December. We had a great time dancing together at all of the parties, enjoyed the good food and free hotel stay on the beach for two of them. It is so nice to be able to get away together atleast once a year.

Tha Nativity

Our first live nativity was at the Lord's (family) house. The girls were angels, and Nate was a shepard. We also got to do the Nativity at the Nelson's house and Grandma and Grandpa Bulkeley's house. Never too much of a good thing. I know they knew the true meaning of Christmas this year.

Caroling at the San Juaquin Hospital

The Girl Scouts visited the San Juaquin hospital and caroled this year on all the floors. We enen got to walk the halls and sing to everyone. Afterwards we went to Grandma Richards house to celebrate her birthday and have cake and homemade ice cream.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I can't believe it is over! I went to UVSC in 1995 with a goal of being a math teacher and I just now thirteen years, five kids, and four Universities later got my Bachelors Degree in Mathematics Education. The whole family was there to chear me on. I loved showing the kids how important this was to me and I hope it will be important to them too. Thanks to all of those who supported me and helped me get through school. Savannah calls me "the mathematician" now, they were waving at me though the whole ceremony it was awesome. I was the only one graduating with a family picture with five children you should have seen all the looks.

All Decorated

We got the Christmas spirit early this year. We already have our lights up our Chrismas cards ready our shopping done and our house decorated. The kids were a lot of help. Hannah even helped me make a wreath for the door this year. We are excited for the holidays.

Blast Off!

Nate got a rocket kit from Grandma Bulkeley. Jacob worked on it for hours alone but Nate got to push the blast off button. We did it over and over. It went pretty high and blasted off pretty big. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Nate is 7!

This year for Nate's Birthday party we took his friends to Camelot to ride the race cars. They all had a great time and we had the place to ourselves. Nate got spy gear from us this year and we are still trying to figure it all out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Good news! Hannah and Nate are not moving to Idaho and we are seeing them week on and week off now! We are very excited about having them more and being a family more regularly. Hannah and Nate are also excited about the news. We were in court from 8am to 3pm. Thank you to Mom, Jeanne, and Brittany for all the help with the kids so we could be gone all day. And thank you all for your fasting and praying we were truely blessed today.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Graduation Day

Well I was going to put a picture of me on this post but I do not have any. I need to get lessons from my sister Tenille on self portraits.

I am walking the stage December 1st (yes that is a Monday) at 2pm at CSUB. I finally did it and I am so excited so I wanted you all to know. I have earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics Education. It only took me 13 years but who is counting, it is finally done! I will post a picture in my cap and gown their might be a picture taken of me that day I would think. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Ventura Beach

Jacob was going to the beach for work on Veterans Day so he invited us to come along for the day. We had a great time digging, the girls made their own small lakes, they even went into the waves and we found sea enemies. I loved spending the day together as I always do.

"A" Honor Roll

Savannah came home excited with her award for the honor roll. She also just got glasses last week. She loves them she picked them out herself. She started saying that she had a hard time seeing things and she was right she needed glasses. She loves seeing things far away that she couldn't before. It wasn't hurting her schooling though she is doing really well. Volleyball just ended last week too and she loved being on the team. She is looking forward to soft ball next.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Costume Parade

Kaylie is Violet from Incredibles and Paige is a Fairy this year.
We are so excited about Trick or Treating tonight.
Jacob, Paige and I all went to watch the girls at their Halloween parade. Savannah
is a vampire this year.

Trunk or Treat

We all got to go the the church for Trunk or Treat. We played games (Jacob was incharge of the pumpkin toss game and he was so cute with all the kids acting like they were actually what they were dressed up as) Savannah, Hannah and Kaylie won goldfish again this year and we actually had somewhere to put them this time and they are still doing good. They had a spook alley and a jump house too. The trunks were all decorated fun and Paige was afraid of most of those. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Well I got it on her for three minutes.

Our Pumpkin Patch

Somehow we got all the pumpkins carved and lit outside before 7:30. Savannah, Hannah, and Kaylie made cat faces, Nate did the traditional scary face and Paige has a Dora face pumpkin.

We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight and I told the kids we would have to go to the pumpkin patch another night or we could go to SaveMart today and they all excitedly voted today! So they all got the pumpkins they wanted and we got home to work on them.

Circus Circus Festival

We got to go to two Fall Festivals! The biggest hit was the pony rides, holding the bunnies and cotton candy. The kids had fun together as they always do and we loved watching them smile.

Fall Festival

We all enjoyed the food, games, hair painting, and the hay ride. We got to work at Savannah and Kayie's booths, the girls loved helping.

Fall Festival Cake Contest

The girls really wanted to enter the contest again this year so Savannah decided to do a scarecrow head cake and Kaylie wanted to do a bat cake. They had a great time decorating them all by themselves. They love anything to do with baking and cooking. I love to teach them how to do things they are ready for. They didn't win but we had fun.

Matching Dresses

This year all the girls needed winter dresses so I got them all the same dress and they loved matching. They are all so pretty and they love eachother so much. I hope they will always be as close as they are now to eachother.

Hannah joined Gymnastics with us

I found a way to be able to sign up Hannah to Gymnastics and she is so excited. She is already caught up to Kaylie and loving the bars, vault and the balance beam. They are even on the high balance beam already and they do it very gracefully. The white specks is the chalk they put on their hands, they always use too much but they love it.

Second year of Volleyball

Savannah wanted to play volleyball again this year with the Veterans and she is having a good time. Her coach is Victor and there are six girls on the team. They get to play the entire hour of the games. They are all getting their serves over pretty consistently this year. Jacob helped her with her serve at the park last week so we will see if she can do it at the game tomorrow. She has two more games left. All of her sisters are eager to join the volleyball team next year too.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Student of the Month

Savannah was the first student of the month in her class. Her teacher Mrs. Grimes said that she didn't even have to think about who it would be because Savannah is the only student who has an A in everything including Effort. We are so proud of her and if it wasn't for my note and M&M's I snuck in her lunch it would have been a surprise. We all went to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate that night too. Good job Savannah!

Puppet Show

We finished earning our animal badge this week by doing a puppet show with animal puppets we made. The kids all got a turn to introduce their animal and share something that they learned about their animal. We are having lots of fun with Girl Scouts this year and I love spending time with the girls.

Family in Town

The Coopers and the Nelsons were in town and we had a great time getting together last weekend. We meet Caitlin for the first time. She is a very good and cute baby and we enjoyed her when she was awake (she is a good sleeper). Thanks for the visit we all enjoyed seeing you.


Savannah started her second year of volleyball and she is off to a good start. Instead of last year when we were a little surprised when she got her serve over or returned the ball this year we are surprised when she doesn't. She is having a great time with the team and since there are only six of them they all play the whole hour of three games. Savannah is trying all the sports this year.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Camping at Wishon

The Krumm Family Camping Trip started on Friday after work and we arrived late at Camp Wishon setting up Camp. After a few fingers bleeding from the hammering of setting up camp, the children enjoyed smores over a campfire. We stayed at site # 29 which gave us a ton of room and a huge climbing rock that preoccupied the kids throughout the day. See the children on top of the rock while Tara snapped the shot? That rock was a lifesaver and the children played many games up and down the rock face. The mosquitos were pretty bad, so we retreated many times to our tent over the table. We enjoyed the Nature Trail hike Sat. morning that twisted through wild berry bushes that were quite sour. On this adventure hike the children found a nice swimming/fishing hole that became the ultimate gettaway. The children retreated to this hole frequently. They loved dipping thier feet, throwing rocks at the fish and sticks for Buck to swim & grab. Buck and the Children had fun several hours getting wet! This fishing hole became our afternoon lunch getaway for the 2 days. We also drove to Camp Belnap where I camped as a kid for 5 summers and saw the Giant Sequoia Trees and my favorite fishing hole. It was a great trip! Tara and I had so many memories with the kids! Jacob

Cinderella lost her shoe

I was going through the girls clothes and Paige saw this dress and wanted it on. She then found her white dress up shoe but couldn't find the other one. The cept saying I lost my shoe over and over so I called her Cinderella and she loved that it is her favorite princess. She still wears that dress whenever she can around the house. This dress was Kaylie's dress from 2004 when Tanya and Billy got married. I can't believe that Kaylie was that little and that Paige is already that big.

Pinewood Derby

For Activity Days this year they had the girls make cars with their dads and race them. The race was all about the girls and they had fun. Jacob was the most enthusiastic dad though I was even asked to control him and I assured him that I couldn't. It didn't help that they got first place in five of the races. They worked on it together and had a good time doing it I loved that they got to do this together and that they were so successful.

Barnum and Bailey Circus

Last minute decision one school night was to go the the Circus. One of Jacob's friends gave us free tickets for the kids so we went. The girls had to finish homework and chores first and they got it done quicker than ever before. The biggest hit was the Elephants and the cotton candy. They had everything but the lion tamer it was fun and it was Jacob's first circus trip in his whole life!

Jacob's Birthday Party

We had family over for Jacob's Birthday party. We had lazagna his favorite. The kids all got him something from the store and that was the most entertaining part other than the "I'm Too Sexy" karayoke by Jacob. Savannah got him a reading light and a brain puzzle. Hannah got him a radio with headphones for him when he is working out and a multi tool. Kaylie got him Mike and Ikes and silly string which was used up by Jacob seconds after he opened it. Nate got him highlighters and a shoe polish kit. They picked them out on their own and loved giving it to daddy. After cake we started with karayoke and we had a great time Sam, Grandma Richards, Savannah, Kaylie, Hannah, Jeanne, Tara, and Jacob performed. Jacob was the life of the party of course and we all celebrated having him in our lives.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Girl Scout Co-Leader

Well I did it I got trained and I am a co-leader for fourteen girl scouts including my two brownies. Savannah still comes even though she is a Junior Girl Scout. We are having fun and the girls love that I am involved with them. We finished our science tryit by blowing up balloons using baking powder, we are working on the animal try-it and the Quest try-it also. The girls love learning new things and I love doing it with them.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Andy came over to play and we had a Care Bear Tea Party these two love being together and they play so well together.

Fish Story: On the first day of school while we were getting ready Paige decided to feed the fish half of the can of food. I was upset because we would have to clean out the tank but I didn't worry about it because I was going to clean it out with Jacob that night. When the girls got home from school the fish started acting really strange they were floating around and flipping on the the top. One even jumped out of the tank but it was dead when we found it. Savannah was the brave one that got it with tongs. We watched about eight fish die in 15 minutes! We got the survivors out and got them in a seperate fish bowl. When Jacob got home he cleaned out the tank. While transfering one was already dead and another one flipped out into the garbage disposal. Jacob tried to get it but he couldn't and I was to scared to reach in so we had to put it out of it's missery with the garbage disposal. We have six survivors and they are still doing well today a couple of weeks later.

Thad's Birthday: We just got back from celebrating Thad's birthday at his house. The kids had a great time on his new swing set he made. Thad got some gift certificates and shirts. We had a great time catching up, will all be getting together tommorrow for Labor Day at G&G Richards and the kids are very excited.

My Talk: I spoke in sacrament meeting today on courage to choose the right. I was not too nervous before I got up I had practiced and all seemed fine but I lost it a little the spirit was so strong. I still got my message out and people seemed to enjoy it by the comments I got but I think it was best for me, I loved how much I grew from the experience.

Next week: Well Wednesday is my first day working at Liberty High School. A couple of weeks ago they called me and offered me a job three times a week for three hours from 10-1 tutoring math. I am excited but a little nervous I haven't been working out of the home since I had Savannah. I am also starting as the co-leader for Troop 112 on Wednesday so this is a big week.

Buck: Buck was missing when we got back from Thad's Jacob has been looking for him for a couple of hours and no luck. We usually get a call but he didn't have his collar on hopefully he comes back.

Well that is about it for this week.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Day of Gymnastics!

First week back

Well getting back to school was fun but also full of getting back into the routine. The kids are in bed the lunches are half done for tomorrow. With four children to get to school tomorrow it is a little crazy sometimes but the kids help a lot. I am mainly the time monitor and trying to keep them staying on track to get to the bus ontime.

The first day of school Paige fed the fish way to much food and by the time the kids got back they started dying off one by one. It was quite a dramatic time as we watched each fish start looking like they were done for. One jumped out of the gap by the filter and one jumped into the garbage disposal when we were trying to save some of them. We went from about sixteen fish to six fish that day. We are basically back to where we started from.

We also started gymnastics with the girls this week and I am a trained girl scout leader for troop 112. Oh, and I am going to start tutoring at Liberty High while the girls are in school next week for a couple of hours. I hope we can all handle all of these things this year. We will have lots of fun.

Grandma and Grandpa Krumm are in town this week and we are having lots of fun. We went on a bike ride to the rocket park with the water features yesterday and we had lots of fun. We all got together tonight and ate a whole batch of cookies! More fun to come tomorrow too. Well that is about all that is going on here. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Kaylie, busy listening to her new teacher Mrs. Baxter in Second grade. Her neighbor and church friend is in her class this year. She got a seat in the front and she is off to a good start.

Savannah started the school year off with a bad cold but she was determined to still make it to school. She started Fourth grade this year with Mrs. Grimes who remembers her as a Kindergardner. She is a former Kindergarten teacher. Savannah is excited she has some of her really good friends with her in her class this year.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Check out the scrapbook pages

I just recently got into digital scrapbooking so I can share them with everyone. There are a couple of pages done that you can see at the bottom of this page so check it out!

Quick Catch Up with the Krumm Family

Celebrating Paige's Birthday. Paige is 2! We also got to spend time with the Hinkeys while they were in Bakersfield. We love seeing family.

Pony Castle!

Paige was more interested in her toe then her cake when we were singing to her.