Tuesday, November 6, 2007

12 babies

One of our five fish started getting so big that we thought it would explode. A couple of weeks later Grandma notices little tiny fish. They were just laying on the leaves and kind of floating at first but then after a couple of days they were swimming around and eating. There are twelve of them I think we can't seem to count them all together. The kids are so excited and they have lasted for a couple of weeks so far and doing good. We did loose Savannah's fish Molly this morning. We found her stuck under a shell. Savannah named one of the babies that are black Molly and took it really well. Here is a picture of five of the babies if you can see them. They are really small but they are there.

The Eye Gouger


We had the most eventful Halloween this year. Our trunk or treat was on Halloween night and Jacob (Tara) was incharge of a booth. We made this booth called the Eye Gouger. We got white balloons and we drew eyes on them for the kids to throw darts at. Then they put there hands in mystery covered bowls. It was a lot of work but the kids all liked it. The morning started out with the school parade then the booth set up and the jump house. The carnival in the church was before the trunk or treat. Then all the kids wanted to go through the haunted house this year. They went through it a couple of times. Then we trunk or treated and hurried home to do some door to door trick or treating. We went around until about 8:30pm when we all were exhausted. The kids still have tons of candy and dad sneeks it when ever he gets a chance but that is the best part for the parents, well one of them. Savannah was Violet from the Incredibles, Hannah was a cheerleader, Kaylie was Sleeping Beauty, Nate was a storm trooper and Paige was a cute ladybug.

Pumpkin Day

This year we carved our pumpkins at school. Savannah had a lab with a pumpkin. They weighed it, checked if it floats, counted the lines and even counted the seeds. They picked the biggest pumpkin. It was twelve pounds and it had over seven hundred seeds. They had a fun time cuting it with the electric pumpkin carver one of the dads brought for them to use. I love that I am able to help the class with these special days in class, I have to thank my mom for that. Thanks mom!

Our little Chefs

The Monday before Halloween we decided to make cookies. The kids created their own from different colors of dough and we had a great time. Paige screamed at the stove the whole time they were cooking because she wanted them now. We had fun and we made a mess but that is what made it so much fun for them, not mommy.

I love Shoes!

Paige not only changes her shoes five times a day by bringing them to me and sitting down with her feet up in the air waiting for me to put on another pair, but now she wears all of our shoes. She puts on my heals, flip flops, even Jacob's shoes. Here is a picture of her flopping around in Savannah's shoes after church she is of course giggling and having a great time making lots of noise. Paige is lots of fun and there is never a dull moment. Jacob is a little afraid of her love for shoes, she gets it from her mom.

Savannah's Performance

(Savannah and her teacher Mrs. Gonzales) The third grade classes at Veterans Elementary put on a very entertaining show Oct 25th. Savannah played the part of one of the "She's a Maniac" girls. She was dancing crazy through her whole part and she was the craziest of all four girls in her number. The show was about all the popular music from the 50's through the 80's. They had an awesome time and Savannah learned a lot of new songs that she can't believe I know, to her that makes me old. I love listening to Savannah sing and watching her grow into a beautiful girl.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Fall Festival

The fall festival was packed with fun things to do. The kids loved the sack races and only a couple of them cheated a little. They liked the bike races and of course the candy they won. The booth I was incharge of was Tin Can Alley. I was told to use soda cans and put sand in them. I painted them and Jacob filled them with the kids right before it started he got it done though and managed to get the kids ready while I set up the booth. The booth was a hit and we had two going at the same time and we still had the longest line. Setting up the pins over and over and chasing the balls was quite the excersize. The cans got pretty banged up and by the end we couldn't stack them anymore but it was still popular. Hannah won at the cake walk and they all made sand necklaces and sand candy.

Volleyball Game

Savannah is improving in volleyball. Last game was her best. She got three serves over the net and she also returned one ball that was served to her. Her team is doing really well, they have won all of their games. There are only two games left and a week of practice for this season and she is getting ready for it to be over. She enjoys it still and she has learned a lot. She is a great teammate she encourages and gets excited about each point for the team. She enjoys the games the best.

Cake Decorating Day

This year for Cake Decorating Day at Veterans Elementary we stayed up late the night before finishing our masterpieces. Savannah made a cake that looked like a carmel apple and Kaylie made a cake that looked like a Jack O Lantern. We had a great time. They didn't win but it was fun for them to bring their cake to school. They loved making them, we had a good time. together.