Sunday, June 1, 2008

Grandpa Richards Birthday

We got to celebrate Grandpa Richards' Birthday. I hope we are doing as good as they are at their age. They are such a good example of the type of person I want to be also. I loved spending time with him to celebrate at Black Angus. We got together with Rita(grandma),Sam(dad), Ron and Patti and Jacob and I. Our main topic was real estate and how much things have changed.

Ice Blocking

We all meet at the park and Aunt Tenille and Uncle Matt brought a big block of ice for ice blocking. I think they brought it for their entertainment but it soon became everyone's. No one got hurt there were just a couple of wet bums. Thanks Aunt Tenille!


We continued the tradition of coloring eggs the girls had fun doing it but I think the adults enjoyed it even more. We loved having Tenille and Matt, Gradma and Grandpa Richards, Thad, Brittany, Andy and Grandma and Grandpa Bulkeley with us this year. We all helped the Easter Bunny hide all the treats this year. The girls wish they were old enough to help him too but I told them that they had to wait until they had children of their own and then they would get nothing just their kids. I think they are ok with it now. We always enjoy sharing these memories with family.