Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chearing on the Animals

Jacob was out of town and it was the last week of the fair so my mom and I took the kids to the fair on Wednesday. They all had a great time and here is a picture of them at the animal races. They loved seeing the animals get released and run to the finish line. Some of the animals needed a little help though. Paige loved seeing all the animals at the fair she wanted to hold and squeeze all of them expecially the baby chicks. We saw a baby cow and two sets of baby piglets and the kids loved that too. We saw the circus and spent lots of time in the kids center drawing, playing bubbles and experimenting with all the fun activities. They crashed that night they were exhausted. They have made their own collections in the playroom after we went to the fair. Savannah has a collection of horses, Kaylie has a collection of cats, Hannah has a collection of Pet Shop and Nate has a collection of knives (play knives).

Kaylie's Field Trip

Kaylie went to the Kern County Fair with her class this year. I was one of the chaperones and we only had two kids each to keep track of. When we got the the fair her teacher said OK have fun we will see you in three hours. It was really wierd that she didn't want everyone to stick together so everyone went their seperate ways. I took Kaylie and her friend and we saw everything including a circus and the animal races. It was a hot day but we got to see everything. I never would have thought Kaylie would have been so interested in all the collections we saw and the pictures people have taken expecially the pictures of babies and animals.

Las Vegas

Here we are in Vegas alone. We are with Jacob's boss and his wife too. Friday we left and got to Vegas around 9:30pm. We were already tired and it was raining but we still walked around the strip. We parked at Bally's and walked through Paris. I love walking through there the atmosphere is so relaxing. Then we walked to Ceasars Palace and saw the water show at Belagio on the way. We walked through the indoor mall and looked into getting tickets for Celine Dion but there were no two seats left together. We went to the softball game on Saturday and they one their first game but Jacob pulled his hamstring running to first base the first time he was up. He had fun though and he was the usual cheerleader for his team getting them all pumped up. Saturday night we went to a fancy restaurant called Lawry's and the food was so awesome. The place was very elegant and they even cut your meat for you already cooked at your table. When we went in they removed the table and let up sit before putting the table back to take our orders. We also went to New York New York to meet up with some of the Frito Lay guys and they took us to Coyote Ugly and it was horrible. No one was dancing they were just staring at the girls dancing on the bar it was pretty lame. Lanee (Jacob's boss' wife) and I were bored and decided to make it fun so we got up on the bar and danced one of the songs. Our husbands loved it and we had a good time. Then we all went to what they were calling the hottest dance club in Vegas called the Rain and that was much better. Jacob had to sneak in with his tennis shoes on(that wasn't the dress code). We danced the whole time we were in there for three straight hours until our bodies could take no more so we went home. We came back on Sunday and picked up all our kids.

Kick Ball

This monday we got to go play kickball together. We have enough player for all the bases to be filled. The kids didn't quite understand that when someone kicks the ball they needed to get them out they just ran to the nearest base. We gave up explaining so Jacob and I always played the outfield while they ran bases and kicked when they got back to home base. Maybe next time we can figure it out but we had a great time with our version of kick ball.

Red Light Green Light

The Bulkeley group in Bakersfield all get together for Sunday dinner every third Sunday now. We had an awesome dinner and then went outside and Grandpa Bulkeley played red light green light with the kids. Then they played mother may I. Uncle Thad also played mother may I but his things were a little tricky. They were trying to do cartwheels, skip backwards slide sideways and lots of other crazy things. They played for a long time and everyone enjoyed it expecially the audience.

Jacob is 30!

By the age of thirty Jacob has accomplished so much. He was a little bumbed this year thinking he was old and then I reminded him of what has happened in those thirty years. I asked him if he would have ever thought he would have five children living in Bakersfield with a Business degree and five years with a company. That is a lot to say for yourself. He has gotten to a place in his life that he feels like he is not young anymore. He is still young but I was thinking about when I was young and how I would look at families with five children thinking that their parents were old and we realized we are now those parents. It had to happen some time but we are still young at heart and our journey has just begun.
For Jacob's birthday he couldn't think of anything he wanted so I got him everything I have noticed he has wanted. Black socks (I had to wear white socks to work today because I couldn't find black ones). Chap Stick (do you know where my chap stick is?). Body pillow (maybe he won't need so many pillows to get to sleep, he has been using it to prop up his foot). New electric razor (my razor doesn't seem to be working very good anymore). His own brush (one without long hairs in it). Big Costco pack of gum (where did my gum go? He brings it home and we all eat it before he can have another one). Costco Jelly Beans of his own (we ate his Christmas stash for him). Dominoes (Jacob loves to play Chicken Foot and he is hillarious when we play but we didn't have our own set). Three polo shirts (I can't find any polo shirts that do not have Frito Lay written on them). I think that was all the gifts. But the fun gift was going to Las Vegas for his softball tournament together without kids!

Fishy Family Home Evening

This week for family home evening we all went to the pet shop and got our own fish. Savannah has a Black Molly named Molly, Hannah has a Sunset Fire fish named Sally, Kaylie has a Neon fish named Mia, Nate has a white with lots of black spots named Flick, and Paige has a Neon fish and she has not named it. They have been taking really good care of their fish and they get fed a lot. I finally got my waterfall sound in my front room too with the sound of the filter. The kids were really excited about their fish when they were picking them out they jumped up screaming when it was their turn to catch their fish.