Sunday, June 3, 2007

Father Son Campout

Nathaniel and I went on our yearly Father-in-son camp outting right before mother's day and we had a blast. Nate was hanging out with all the older boys on the surrounding hills in the campground and yelled at me from the top of the hill. He also enjoyed jumping from rock to rock crossing a little stream that went through the campground. We roughed it in a little tent and cooked on our camping stove for dinner and breakfast. Nate and I also had a chance to ride on a quad together throughout the campground. We had smores by the fire and got to look at the stars. Alder creek campground was beautiful at night. We also were the first ones up in the camp and Nathaniel got a chance to start the morning fire. I was in charge of breakfast for the camp...we had eggs, bacon, pancakes and Tang for everyone. It was a nice gettaway for us and Nate had a great time! I will always remember the Father-in-son outtings with Dad and how much I enjoyed them...I love carring on the tradition.


The kids will paint anything when I get out the paints. They painted a vase for grandma and that wasn't enough. They ended up turning a diaper box into a cave for their animals. They all joined in and painted, they did pretty good at working together. We are still learning.

Hannah's Open House

We all got to go to Hannah's Kindergarten open house. She had so many things to show us and we got to see how tanented she is. She learned a lot this year and we are very proud of her. She really loved her teacher this year and she was sad to leave the class on the last day of school.

Savannah's Party

This year Savannah wanted to have a sports party with a horse theme of course. We had it all set up the games were ready but the day was not. The party was at a park near our house and for some reason the weather got very windy and a little cold too. We had a hard time playing ping pong, badmitten, T-ball, and lots of other games but the kids had a great time. We had a relay with about twelve different sports and they all kept going even though there were what felt like tornado winds. I wasn't too surprised this happens to us a lot but the kids loved it so it was worth it.


Paige is my fist child to get attached to a blanket. The blanket she always wants with her expecialy at nap time is the blanket Great Grandma Krumm made for her. When you give it to her she cuddles with it and laughs with excitement. Hannah's favorite thing to do is give her the blanket to see her reaction.

Family Picture

Here is our most recent picture of the Krumm family. We had our picture done in Grandpa Bulkeley's backyard with Brett's camera. It wasn't easy but we got it done. We have it up in our front room now.