Saturday, May 5, 2007

Savannah's Baptism

Savannah got baptized today and we want to thank all that were able to attend and made her day so special. For all of you who were unable to come I wanted to write about the day. I will start with the bishop interview. Savannah found out that she needed to meet with the bishop to see if she was ready for baptism. The first thing she said was, "good am I going to have a test?" She was disappointed to find out that the questions were not about the pictures she knew from learning about the gospel. During the interview she answered any question that came her way. She was a little hesitant to say that she would honor her parents. She was asked who else was baptised that is our example and she said Jesus. She also knew who baptized him with a little more thinking. I know that Savannah loves the gospel and loves learning about it.
On her baptism day we got to the church first to find our outfit. Savannah was so excited from the moment she arrived. She wanted a bun so that her long hair would not have the chance to float above the water. After we got ready all of the six children getting baptised that day were sitting with her in the front row with fathers and grandfathers. Savannah never lost that smile on her face. When they did her spotlight she jumped up all smiles. They said that her favorite primary song was, "Love is Spoken Here", her favorite scripture story was the Creation and her favorite prophet was Nephi. After the spotlight they went back down to sit in the front row to wait for their turn. While we waited we watched a movie on Jesus Christ and all the miracles he performed. Savannah watched intently through the whole movie. She was baptised by her Grandpa McNeil and it only took once. Savannah said that it felt funny going into the water with pants on. She also said that she felt different. I asked why she felt different and she said because I am perfect now. She melted my heart at that moment. We got ready quickly and I gave her a heart necklace and told her that it stands for the love Heavenly Father has for you and to never forget that love.
We were able to have her confirmed that night and her blessing mentioned how Heavenly Father is so pleased with her. The day ended with a get together at our house and we had a great time together. This day is definately one to remember always.