Thursday, March 1, 2007

Graham Crackers

Paige just started eating big girl food. Her favorite is graham crackers. She sure can make a mess though. She is also doing this thing with her tongue all the time. She loves to stick it out. We are not quite sure what that is all about.

Savannah is Published!

Savannah published her first book and I got to listen to her read it to her class. It was about a camping trip with a fun trail. She is a great reader and she has a great imagination. She was so excited about it that she asked me to come hear her and I am glad that I did. The kids in her class said it was the best story ever.

Our Aniversary

It has been two years already. We were able to celebrate at the beach this year. We went to a restaraunt with awesome clam chowder. Grandma and Grandpa Bigelow and Grandma Bulkeley watched the kids at the condo and they had a great time too.

Paige at the Beach

This was Paige's first visit to the beach. She loved the breeze and the ocean sound. She took a good nap and then woke up to play. She tasted the sand and felt the water with her toes. She didn't even mind the water. Later we went swimming and she was splashing all over the place.

Avila Beach

February 17th, 2007 - Here we are on the balcony of Grandma and Grandpa Bigelow's condo for the week. We came to the beach and it was summer weather. It wasn't too hot or cold it was perfect. The girls were very excited to go to the beach. When we got there they thought that they would just play in the sand. When they noticed their hands were all dirty we told them to wash them off in the ocean and they were hooked. They went in and out of the waves and even did some wave jumping. They were getting brave and had a great time.