Sunday, January 1, 2012


Paige got student of the month in her Kindergarten class. She is one of the few readers in her class and she loves to go to school.
Paige helped daddy put up the lights this year
Hannah received the student of the month in her 5th grade class.
Nate is 10, can you believe we have three ten year olds now! He got his mp3 player that takes pictures that he wanted.
Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The food was awesome as usual and so was the company.
The kids table at Thanksgiving dinner.
Paige at her Thanksgiving feast
Nate earned his Wolf badge and a couple of arrows because I had him do too many requirements. It is good for him. Good job Nate!
We took a trip to the museum on Veterans Day. The kids had a great time and they loved sitting in a police helicopter together they got to see it land and they let kids take turns sitting inside. There was also a canon that went off, tanks parked to look at and utility vehicles.

Daddy teaching Paige how to tie a tie at grandpa's day (grandpa was busy so daddy came)


momb said...

Love to see the grandkids' achievements! They are very talented and smart (of course I can't take any credit for those thing:)

Bev B said...

You have a beautiful family. Nice blog!