Monday, December 26, 2011


Paige's first performance in front of the whole school was so cute. It was apple day.
Savannah's volleyball team went undefeated. She enjoyed her team and improved this year. Good job Savannah!

Kaylie is in volleyball and she is doing really well. She does so well serving that she has to give the ball up because it is not allowed to make so many points with one player.

Grandma and Grandpa Krumm came for a visit before they left for their mission in Africa. We loved spending time with them and we love hearing about their adventures and experiences.
Kaylie ran for Vice President and did a good job on her speech. Maybe next year.
We celebrated Jacob's birthday at football practice this year.

Having fun at the pool while grandpa soaks in the sun. Don't the girls look lovely.

Nate is loving football this year. Jacob ended up being able to be one of the coaches this year and they both loved working hard as a team. Jacob was so good with the boys. They made it through a perfect season but lost the last championship game in overtime. Above is Nate making a touchdown.

Savannah is in her new choir dress. She was so upset when I signed her up for choir this year but now she is loving it. She tried out for the advanced choir this year and she made it. She is loving being in a small choir of girls that all sing well.

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momb said...

This was the sports and activity blog! Don't know how you guys keep up with all the kids and their activities! You guys are amazing:)